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10 Questions to Ask Your Venue

First thing you have to do to begin your wedding planning journey is to find a beautiful venue and finalize the date. Different venues have their own policies that you should be aware of before booking with them. As a desired location in Miami, we recommend the most important questions to ask the venues you are interested in are:

Is the date available?

Ask the venue if your preferred date is still available. Most of brides will reserve their dates a year ahead, especially on Saturdays during the popular months of January to May and or October to December. Being flexible with the date is highly recommended.

What’s your minimum and maximum capacity?

You need to have an approximate number of your guest you are intending to host at your preferred venue and see it they can accommodate your count. If you are having a more intimate attendance, be sure you ask for the minimum capacity too.

Can I do my ceremony on-site?

Having your ceremony and reception at the same location is always a great idea. Not only to save money on venue rental but also to save time on transportation for your guests between the two locations.

What is the deposit requirement?

Venues require refundable security deposit for locking your date. The amounts may vary. Ask the venue when is your deposit required, in order to confirm your date.

Can I bring my own vendors?

This question is so important especially if you are thinking of working with an offsite caterer. Some venues only use their own exclusive caterers.

Is there enough parking?

Parking is a huge issue if your guests are driving to the venue. It’s important to know what parking is offered. Is it self-parking or valet parking? You will also want to know what costs are associated with parking.

Do you provide any all-inclusive package to choose from?

Most of venues have their preferred vendor list and offer different package options. If you don’t have a planner and are too busy to do all the researches in detail, go with the packages that is offered; it would definitely makes your life a lot easier.

What are the decoration rules?

Of course you have a lot of decor ideas. However, the venue might have some decoration restrictions that you have to follow. You won’t want your security deposit to be deducted because of this.

Do you have curfew?

You might want to extend the hours of your event; therefore you need to know how late you can extend the music. Be sure you ask about the curfew before you book. In addition, if you are booking with an outdoor venue, it’s important to know if noise restriction.

What’s the backup plan for inclement weather?

You always need a contingency plan for the uncontrollable and unpredictable weather condition. Being prepared for the worst case ensures a perfect wedding day!

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